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Evan loves what he does for a “job”. He found his creative passion at an early age and has not stopped taking pictures since. Unlike some photographers, he did not grow up with a camera in his hands and his first memory was not putting his face up to the viewfinder. Evan’s story is a bit different.
Evan had a cousin and a friend attending a different high school than he; a high school that had a photo department. Sharing film and camera time with these two special confidants in his life, he was able to begin shooting images and creating prints. It was not until his eighteenth birthday when he received a camera of his own (a Canon AE-1), he realized his world would change.
Feeding off of the advice of his parents and family - “just figure out something you want to do in life that makes you happy” - and with fulfilling the desire to tell a story through a lens, Evan quickly recognized his special gift and found his calling.
Evan enjoys the telling the story of nourishment and people through his food and portraiture photography. These 2 subject matters are connective lines in everyone’s lives.
He’s available to tell your story though editorial, advertisement, and artistic venues. Please feel free to contact him to discuss your next big idea.
Thank you for looking and be well.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see my other works or discuss the ideas for your next project.